CLC: “A decade of worship and struggle for the Filipino working people!”

“There are existing provisions in the constitution which has not been implemented like the living wage and the security of tenure,” Bishop Pabillo said.

July 17, 2018

NLRC sinugod ng mga Manggagawa!

“Andito kami para magbigay ng suporta dahil kami rin ay isa sa biktima ng kanilang mabagal na proseso,” Ayon kay Marilou Alpanoso, isa sa mga ralliyistang manggagagwa mula sa Ponderosa Leather Goods Company

July 10, 2018

Tanggalan ng manggagawa sa COKE FEMSA, patuloy!

Ayon kay Alfredo Maraño, opisyal ng Federation and Cooperation of Cola, Beverage and Allied Industry Unions (FCCU), walang malinaw na basehan ang gagawing pagsibak ng Coca-Cola FEMSA sa kanilang mga kawani.

July 10, 2018

Workers up in arms to engage social media!

“Natutunan ko na malawak pala ang sakop ng social media pagdating sa pagtutulak ng advocacy ng isang union at ang papel na ginagampanan nito sa pangmalawakang pamamayahag,” says  Giear Khaei from FCCU Coca Cola.

July 3, 2018

Unionist are not criminals!

“We demanded that the posters be removed immediately and calls on MEPZ workers not to be intimidated by this kind of harassment from their employers and MEPZ authorities,” Magtubo said.

June 28, 2018

DOLE ibinulgar ang mga delingkwenteng kumpanya!

Sa datos ng DOLE, 99,526 mula sa 900,000 ng mga establisyemento ang kanilang na-inspeksyon noong Hunyo 2016 hanggang Abril ng taong kasalukuyan, nasa 3,377 na kumpanya ang hinihinalang lumabag sa labor only contracting.
At ang kabuuang apektadong manggagawa ay nasa 224,852.

May 28, 2018

Workers protest, not a criminal act, Endo is!

“We condemn how PNP Chief Inspector Ronald Lao turned two-face even after our dialogue with him and with the KIMACO leadership. During the dialogue, it was clear to Chief Insp. Lao that the KIMACO is willing to disperse voluntarily if the management of Coca-Cola will hear their grievance”, Olalo explained.

April 3, 2018

Labor groups to Malacañang: Sign the EO to prohibit ENDO!

“Ending contractualization is a political promise of the President. It is sad that Malacañang is now expecting that promise to be fulfilled by Congress. The law is very clear: the Labor Code provides ample power to the Secretary of Labor to halt labor contracting,” Mata explained.

April 3, 2018

Coke workers arrested for fighting ENDO in Davao City!

In a statement released by Alfredo Maranon, National President of FCCU-SENTRO/IUF said that the action of the CCFPI management violates the company’s obligations under the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines as well as the UN Global Compact of which the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta is a signatory.

April 2, 2018

Regularize 675 contractual Coke Sta. Rosa workers!

“The Coca-Cola workers are just among the millions of Filipino workers who are burdened and exploited through widespread contractualization,” Adonis said.

March 26, 2018

Workers form coalition vs COKE-FEMSA Philippines massive-layoff!

The restructuring and mass layoff on March 2 are outright violations of the above. According to these agreements, unions should be provided with quality information and to engage in negotiations with union representatives to minimize the negative impact of any changes affecting employment.

FCCU-SENTRO/IUF slam massive lay-off of 600 employees in Coca-Cola FEMSA PHILIPPINES INC.!

Alfredo Maranon, National President of FCCU-SENTRO/IUF, states that the action of the CCFPI management violates the company’s obligations under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines as well as the UN Global Compact of which The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta is a signatory.

COKE FEMSA’s move, a violation of CBA and workers right!

“Habang nagme-meeting ang top leadership ng FCCU-SENTRO noong 23 at 29 ng Enero, hinggil sa napabalitang umano’y tanggalan, binira ng COKE FEMSA management ang aming mga lider sa visayas at mindanao branch,” FCCU-Sentro organizer Danny Fuentes said.

February 1, 2018

COKE-FEMSA to terminate at least 600 employees!

“It is very clear that the selection process of the management is harassment and has the intention of busting the union. No consultation… No discussion within the union and it is very clear the selection process of the management is biased and without due process.”

Welga ng mga Kababaihang Manggagawa nilusob, 2 sugatan!

“Paglabag sa DOLE-PEZA-PNP guidelines ang mga ito. Pananagutan ng PEZA at ni Atty. Norma Tuñag, administrator ng Cavite ecozone, ang marahas na pag-atake sa mapayapang welga ng mga kababaihang manggagawa. Bukod sa tauhan ng PEZA ang Jantro guards, sila ang may kontrol sa lahat ng nangyayari sa loob ng ecozone,” pahayag ni Rene Magtubo, tagapangulo ng Partido Manggagawa (PM) at sumusuporta sa mga kababaihang manggagawa.

UNION’s, make it possible!

Now, forward ever and with abounding experiences learned from the tumultuous last decade, BWI goes headstrong to engage the coming challenges that will come its way.

Advance People’s Agenda, Not Dictatorship!

Our social movements, organized along class and sectoral lines, are at the forefront of the people’s struggles. We shall continue to persevere, persist, resist, educate, and organize. We will forge solidarity with other progressive groups and forces. Our unity is an imperative response to the growing authoritarianism of our time.

Church-Labor Conference on Digong’s campaign promise

Magtubo adds that since the assumption of Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III from DOLE, only two from the ten-point agenda they have presented have been acted upon.

AMANDLA: Power to the People!

Organised workers are the bulwark against this crisis; by fighting for a democratic workplace and taking on broader issues of social and environmental justice, the union movement is fighting back.

Trade Union statements on the 8th ASEAN RTSDC in Manila

After the discussion on the conference statement, trade unions affiliated to Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) and Public Services International (PSI) along with NAGKAISA Labor Coalition expressed their strong objection to the final Conference Joint Statement for not living up to the spirit of tripartism and social dialogue.

The ground crew — Philippine Airlines (Part 3)

The retrenched employees particularly the cabin crew sought to remedy through the judicial process and filed a complaint on the grounds of unfair labor practice and illegal retrenchment.

The ground crew — Philippine Airlines (Part 2)

SEPTEMBER 27 will be the 71st anniversary of the Union and six days after, the 6th year anniversary of the lock-out. The small assembly finds its occasion for everybody to greet one another and to recall their struggles.

The ground crew — Philippine Airlines (Part 1)

Joaquin Garcia: “A score of our members in the Union died in the picket line. Perhaps they might still be alive if they were not terminated. Why? When we were still working in PAL, you’ll just have to go to the clinic when you feel something and you’ll be attended to. Now what? How can we have proper check-up when we do not even have a single penny to buy candies? So you tell me… This is distressing.”

Workers: Defend Public Services and Reject RCEP!

We demand that the RCEP negotiations be halted until the text is made public and discussed in parliament and in tripartite bodies in our respective countries. We reaffirm and support the call of ASEAN Parliamentarians for a thorough cost-benefit assessment of RCEP as well as a human rights impact assessment. We demand that submissions from the trade union movement and other people’s organizations, based on a careful examination of the proposition on the table be taken as part of the negotiation process.

Aksyon Kababaihan — SENTRO News!

AKSYONG KABABAIHAN — SENTRO News… Tutoong mga balita… mula sa mga tutoong manggagawa!

July 14, 2017
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