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Category: Top Stories

Migrant workers surviving the PANDEMIC!

“With the pandemic, you must think about it and appreciate what you have. The get-together, the values, people have to learn from this, some people don’t, I did. What I am struggling (Arturo pause for a while and sigh), personally COVID hit me in my lungs, and so my lungs is working less 65%”, Arturo Cantu narrates.

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From Pandemic to Politics: Culinary Union hustles the hurdles!

“Donald Trump is a threat to the livelihood of workers and our families. Since August 1st, canvassers have been in the streets knocking on doors, talking to voters, and getting out the vote for Biden-Harris. Every political effort draws from the Culinary Union’s 85-years of rich knowledge of effective voter contact, which is rooted in the principle of working people talking to each other about the importance of building power through voting,” Geoconda Argüello-Kline, Treasurer-Secretary of the Culinary Union.

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“This is a very challenging year and yet that did not stop the union from being creative and resourceful in making things possible to help alleviate the feeling of uncertainty and worry. The officers saw through their needs and addressed it. Working despite the risk and doing it happily for Solidarity. Mabuhay ang NUWHRAIN PPC!

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