Church Labor Conference General Assembly 2019

by Sheena Marie Abines, PUP Intern

Manila, Philippines — The Church Labor Conference (CLC) conduct a general assembly in Guadalupe Minor
Seminary, EDSA, Makati City, Saturday (February 2, 2019) afternoon.

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From left: Atty. Ernesto Arellano, Atty. Allan Montaño, Atty. Neri Colmenares, Atty. Sonny Matula, and
Leody De Guzman.

The assembly meet up with labor leaders, clergies, workers, laities, and other sectors who share the same interest of fightIng for the rights of the workers. With its theme, “Pahigpitin ang ugnayan ng simbahan, manggagawa at sambayanan tungo sa mas makatarungan at mapagkalingang lipunan,” different labor organizations gather together to witness 5 labor leaders talk about their platforms and the need for workers to unite in the coming midterm election to garner a labor vote that will bring genuine workers representative in the Senate.

Later on in the assembly, the agenda of the CLC was explained as represented and contained in the acronym, LABOR WIN which highlights the important issues that the workers are facing that must be given attention, and with that empowering the labor sector, securing tenure and obtaining living wage nationwide.

As a communication research student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, I am truly grateful to witness this kind of event because it helps me understand what the workers are fighting for the longest time and that their cause and grievances will have to be fought given the fact that they are not given enough attention by the government itself. If these 5 labor leaders will make it to the senate with the backing of workers, we can hope that the woes and the marginalized plight of the ordinary people especially the workers will be addressed and will change.

I realize that it is very important that we know the issues and the problems that beset our country and to act on them because we are the ones who will be affected by their ill results. We need to respond to the call for change by taking part and involving ourselves to different social issues and supporting the workers and candidates that champion their cause and truly represent their interest.

Church Labor ConferenceIka-2 ng Pebrero 2019Guadalupe Minor Seminary, EDSA, Makati City

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The doctrine of Separation of Church and State has long been misunderstood as it was being used as alibi for the Church to be silent in matters of State even to a fault when the government becomes a tyrrant. It’s not wrong for the the church to defend its core teachings and long held belief for human rights, human dignity and social justice. In this regard, it is my conviction that it is but right that Church and labor should unite to be able to effect change and obtain genuine voice and representation in the government. CPM

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