Priceless , being an intern for CPM!

by John Deniel Dianito

It was priceless.

All those knowledge about news, videography, script writing, editing and even the reality of life gave us another opportunity to see a new path that we can continue as we move on to our new ages of life.

On our first day at CPM, I was surprised by how the office look and why is there an unopened bottle of San Mig Lights in the kitchen. Well, to be honest, I had my doubt on that day, but on that first day, everything changes after I realized that “those people” have great intentions not just for us but also for our society.

As the day passed by, I managed to create a Docu-Vlog, News Article, Videography, meet new foreigner friends and even mentoring about editing for the Unions and Federations that made me realized that there’s more than ABS and GMA, because there’s Center for People’s Media.

Ano na ang balita sa NUTRIASA?

#LABORBEATNarito ang ulat ni John Deniel Dianito tungkol sa kasalukuyang sitwasyon ng laban ng mga manggagawa kontra sa kumpanyang NUTRIASIA.

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I remember there was a time when we are conducting a documentary at Sinag Homes, the people in there treat us like a real journalist, they give us passes, interviews without hesitations and the adrenaline while I was working was worth it.

We also have the Social Media Training at Sofitel, I felt that I’m working not as an intern but as one of the members of the Center for People’s Media volunteer. Even the union members treat us well and they are open to suggestion even we are just interns.

The opportunity to be a mentor on Social Media Training was at the moment that I will never forget. The inevitable pressure was fading because of the faces that are eagerly wanting to learn. And I was happy because I teamed up with Amber of Everett Program who can’t speak and understand the Filipino language. And despite the language barrier we still managed to teach them properly on how to create a video using video editor on their laptops.

And one of the most proudful moments was when our Docu-Vlog was shown to the unions and federation. I was so happy back then because most of them looked up to us and asked us how we did it.

Even if it was a very small thing, I appreciated that the saw our efforts as well as our skills as MassComm students. CPM

  1. Mal Arguelles:

    Im Proud Mom of Jade Dianito Arguelles,Love u kuyalab!!!
    You guys have a very fantastic sincere answer from your heart..!!
    Be the voice of the mass!! The world need to hear the truth in what they’re fighting for!!

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