Employees of big Japanese pharma company will go on Strike!

by Atty. Sonny Matula, FFW

MANILA, Philippines — The Takeda Healthcare Employees’ Union – Federation of Free Workers (THEU-FFW) will go on strike today (August 28, 2018) at the Central Business District of Makati, beginning 8 in the morning. Last 30 June 2018, in a clear discriminatory act, Takeda Management extended merit increase to new members of the union while giving nothing to old members.

The discriminatory act, the deadlock on the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) plus the denial of Takeda’s new employees to join the union compelled the union to file a Notice Of Strike (NOS). The CBA deadlock requires a 30-day cooling-off period; Unfair labor practice act requires 15-day cooling-off to allow the National Conciliation Mediation Board (NCMB) to mediate, conciliate and propose mutually beneficial or acceptable resolution of labor disputes.Takeda Healthcare Employees Union Phils. (BTCEA – FFW) filed a notice of strike on July 3. After having complied with the strike vote and other legal requirements, a strike will push through on Aug. 28, 2018, beginning at 8:00 am at 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Makati City.

The Employees Union of Bayer Philippines-FFW has also a pending notice of strike due to CBA deadlock. FFW has filed more than 10 NOS this year. One of them ripens to the first FFW actual strike at Pearl Island Corporation at the beginning of 2018, while the second strike will be held today at Takeda Headquarters in Makati. Let’s all support Takeda Chapter of FFW! CPM

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