Social media the next revolution for workers!

by Anne Nicole

MANILA, Philippines — “Sakto itong seminar dahil ang gusto namin ay maipatampok ang isyu ng pabahay sa mga maralita at manggagawa na mayroong housing project ang gubyerno para sa mga taong naninirahan sa danger zone!”

[The seminar is timely because we want to highlight the issue of housing for the urban poor and workers that the government has a housing project for people living in the danger zone].

This is the statement of Gil Galdo, a community development facilitator of Kilos Maralita after completing the two-day social media training conducted by People’s media Advocacy Asia – Center for People’s Media (PMAA/CPM) and Everett Program based in Santa Cruz, California.

Gil believes that with the newfound skills, it will keep him on his toes in advocating for the rights of workers by means of totally engaging on information technology.

Gil envisions that aside from him, he can also encourage his colleagues to undergo the same training so that they will have the same direction on how to campaign in the community especially on the issue of housing.

The social media training that was held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel with at least 29 participants coming from different federations and unions will be having a series of mentorship to better equipped the attendees on how to engage the social media.

The training team from PMAA-CPM and Everett Program headed by Jim Libiran hope that sooner or later the attendees who finished the specialized skills training be more productive in terms of providing news articles regarding their organization’s activity and advocacy. END

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