by Alliah A. Virtus

MANILA, Philippines — The Center for People’s Media (CPM) conducted an orientation for the incoming interns of ICCT Colleges at Scout Fernandez, Quezon City last June 08, 2018. The orientation covered the labor situation of the country, trade unionism and the possible role of social media to help workers bring their issues and concerns to the general populace and to the government as well.

CPM volunteer staff and resource person, Mr. Jude Sia, explained that it is very important for the participants to have a grasp of what is trade unionism as they will be working mostly with labor unions during their internship.

Jude Sia, CPM Staff providing inputs on Trade Unionism!

According to Frederick Sarmiento, an attendee, the objectives of the CPM were clearly stated from the start of the orientation. “I was able to learn a lot more,” he said. “Mr. Jude and his team helped me and my colleagues understand more about reality and taught us ways how to help others.”

Schedule of upcoming activities of the CPM was announced where the new interns may participate and Mr. Jim Libiran, head of PMAA/CPM, challenged everyone to be the media.

Jim Libiran, PMAA/CPM head, challenging the Mass Communication Interns from ICCT College Foundation

“Very informative and reliable, besides, Center for People’s Media is the best source for labor issues,” Diane Basinang commented.

Mass Communication students of ICCT Colleges, Cainta Campus attended the said orientation to complete the 150 hours television On the Job Training (OJT). In all, the orientation was very enlightening and promises a worthwhile experience for the interns, not just to accomplish the hours required by the school but the knowledge and skill that they will acquire.

Jade, an attendee quips, “This will be fun.”

Among the interns present during the CPM orientation are as follows; Jeserie Nicanor, Frederick Sarmiento, Mariel Along, Kate Llante, Diana Navarro, Anne Plata, Anthony Biona, Jake Dianito and EJ Parco. CPM



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