#LABORBEAT: Ang proyektong ito ay hindi maisasakatuparan kung walang suporta at tulong mula sa Kilos Maralita (KM), Center for Power Issues and Initiatives (CPII), Partido Manggagawa (PM) at ng Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). Para sa mga manggagawa at komunidad na naghahangad ng pagbabago, mabuhay po tayong lahat.

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By Jude Sia

Today, as we continue our story about the lives of the urban poor who for a long time aspire of having a house of their own… right here… right now… a dream will come true.

April 14, every member of Kilos Maralita is busy.

This day is the formal ceremony whereby the key to their new home will be turnover to them officially.

A house set in a community with its own microgrid system for the renewable energy.

A system that can generate, distribute, store and regulate the flow of electricity.

According to Jomel, Kilos Maralita member and Vice –President of Alliance for Legitimate Habitation Safe from Disaster (ALPAS), their repeated experience of calamities is enough lessons to get serious on carrying out the realization of their dream… to have a house of their own safe from disasters especially when heavy rain and typhoon occur.

Jose Joem Gregorio, Vice President

Aniban para sa Lehitimong Paninirahan na Ligtas sa Sakuna (ALPAS)

“Back down is a creek. From there it runs circling the whole area. It’s really dangerous to the whole community when rainy season comes.”

This is also what Adelfa Almosera asserts, area leader of Phase 7-A, and a resident of Caloocan City for 17 years.

She even maintains that it’s not only flood that is the problem in their community but also the power supply.

Adelfa Amosera, Area Leader

“It’s really hard because jumpers are everywhere. So what happens is that wires and cables break out caused by short circuits resulting into black-out.”

That is why for Jomel, Adel and Fely… the small victory that they accomplished is a fruit of one and common dream… and a communal and united effort.

Adelfa Amosera, Area Leader

“Two days after typhoon Habagat, there was an initiative from Kilos Maralita. They came to our place. They summoned the residents and informed us that there is a fund being offered by the Aquino Government for communities living in danger zones.”

Jose Joem Gregorio, Vice President

Aniban para sa Lehitimong Paninirahan na Ligtas sa Sakuna (ALPAS)

“The people here are grateful to be given such opportunity but there are some who are in doubt… they say that it can’t be true… you know, they have a mind of their own. “

FELY ARROYO, beneficiary

“Thank you for your help. Bear with us. By ourselves, we cannot afford to have our house.”

From the house not their own… from the place full of risk and fear… from the dream that seemed unreachable… now, having their own beautiful house and community, the urban poor were given a new life and a new hope. The new challenge is… how will they cultivate this blessing? One of them is Fely.

This is Jude Sia. Thank you. CPM

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