FCCU-SENTRO/IUF slam massive lay-off of 600 employees in Coca-Cola FEMSA PHILIPPINES INC.!


MANILA, Philippines – More than 1,500 workers from the Federation and Cooperation of Cola, Beverage, and Allied Industry Unions (FCCU-SENTRO/IUF) held a synchronized picket protest early Wednesday morning (7 February 2018).

The simultaneous protest condemning the sudden massive lay-off of 600 workers of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc., (CCFPI), the largest franchised bottler of Coca-Cola products in the Philippines were held in Canlubang, Iligan, Iloilo, and other Coke bottling plants and offices.


In the statement released by the FCCU-SENTRO/IUF, there is no warning or even a notice from the CCFPI management when they implemented the retrenchment of employees. This was done while there is an on-going meeting between the union leaders and the COKE FEMSA management.


The union added that the company never informed the union that there will be changes in the business model of CCFPI, which, the company alleges, is the reason for the retrenchment.

Alfredo Maranon, National President of FCCU-SENTRO/IUF, states that the action of the CCFPI management violates the company’s obligations under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines as well as the UN Global Compact of which The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta is a signatory.

According to these agreements, the company must hold talks or dialogue with the union in order to “process the negative results on workers’ jobs and livelihood” Maranon added.

The FCCU-SENTRO/IUF will hold series of mobilizations and protest action until the CCFPI heeds their demand to stop the termination of workers in the company and seriously sit down with the union and explore other option before implementing any company restructuring program. – CPM


Contact Person: Alfredo Maranon (09494383807 )

The FCCU-SENTRO/IUF is a member of the IUF Global Coca-Cola Workers’ Alliance, the Sentro ng Nagkakaisa at mga Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO), and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco, and Allied Workers’ Associations

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