The ground crew — Philippine Airlines (Part 3)

by Ricardo Sia

Last part of “The ground crew — Philippine Airlines” Part 3

This kind of conflict is not something new to the employees of Philippine Airlines.

PAL has a history of labor relations problems.

On June 15, 1988, PAL retrenched 5,000 of its employees including more than 1,400 flight attendants and stewards to allegedly reduced costs and alleviate financial downturn in the airline industry as consequence of the Asian financial crisis.

Represented by Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines or ( FASAP).

The retrenched employees particularly the cabin crew sought to remedy through the judicial process and filed a complaint on the grounds of unfair labor practice and illegal retrenchment.

The case is still pending at the Supreme Court even the company has bounced back from the crisis and is boasting of revenue in millions of dollars.

Now, with the LOCKOUT going on for 6 years and with the recognition that it may last a while, the officers remain on their resolve to stay on and fight.

Broadening their network and bringing their cause to international community Alnem Pretencio, vice president of PALEA has attended international solidarity.

Despite all these, there resounds a commitment, a vow… a covenant… CPM

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