BWI assists distressed OFW

Published on Nov 17, 2016

Good morning, I am Rafael Ambrad, a Filipino. I’m twenty-six years old, former OFW from Qatar and working as a gympsum installer.

In the construction, we know that the job is not easy, but what happen to me, my human rights have been abused by my employer, the Medtel Company.

Just imagine, when we work, we are supposed to have safety precaution–and they are violating it.

Our works are demanded to carry heavy things for various installations. But we are not provided with lifting devices or even additional manpower.

That’s why after one year and a half,  I got “Lumbar Sprain Disease” and my back hurt.

My physician told me that I could not perform my jobs as a gympsum installer or do any heavy lifting.

When I was there, I visited our office to file my resignation, as per my physician’s advice–if I continued my work with my present condition, he said my hurt back might be permanent.

Our company does not allow us to go home, they really want my presence at work.

I’m losing hope. I fear that when I go home in the Philippines, I might be in a closed casket.

It’s a blessing that there is a good samaritan that is willing to assist me, in the name of Jake Madrigal, from BWI.

They are the people who are willing to provide assistance to the OFW’s when they needed it the most, especially in other countries.

Whatever our job there, for instance, I myself am just a humble carpenter, still their support is all the way.

Like my transportation expenses, going to the hospital, visiting the legal office, embassy, they are the ones helping me… the BWI.

And when I got home in the Philippines, they refer me to one of their associations… this is ALU that help me together with BWI that provided me with a lawyer so I could file necessary legal case against Medtel company and my recruiter… the admiral agency.

And with God grace, we won the case, that almost took one year for me to wait for the decision, we won.

I would like to thank the Lord and also the BWI together with ALU, thank you very much, sir.

And for my fellow Filipino working abroad, if you think your rights are being violated or abused, your dignity has been suppressed by your employers, don’t lose hope because there are people who are willing to support you, especially the BWI. They are the organization with a big heart who are willing to protect the OFW.

Thank you very much.

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