2,000 Fontana employees, lost their jobs after the casino shut down

Statement of “FONTANA EMPLOYEES” who lost their jobs after the casino was shut down:


We are mere victims of these unfortunate events involving the Owner of this business and some greedy politicians who lick the President’s ass by ordering the immediate closure of the casino without any due process.

The media have been so concerned with the issues of corruptions and other illegalities, which only God knows who offered/ received bribe (?) money.

At least, from the perspective of a lowly worker, we believe that what we do for a living is legit and harmless. How can we be illegal, while we are regulated by the government, dues are paid according to contract and we abide by what’s written in that regulatory manual.

Do you know that out of the 1300+ reported illegal aliens, only less than a hundred of them do not have a working VISA? Why? Maybe you can refer to CDC. There are circumstances which led to the failure to complete their requirements.

As usual, the TV news is blowing the issue all out of proportion. The legit business was reported illegal; that we were shut down due to lack of permits. Not true at all. The Casino’s closure may be understandable since it’s a cash cow, as others may see it. But to include the rest of the property in the cessation of operations- villas, hotels, water park, food outlets and other facilities, that is totally unreasonable and cruel.

The situation that the Owner is currently into resulted to more than 2000 people jobless. Yes, call us the collateral damages for all the issues of corruption involving a small number of affluent businessmen and officials. While the families of the 2000 ‘victims’ will have to face the holidays and the coming year with uncertainty. Should we still re-open? Can we get our jobs back? How soon or how long? What are our chances of surviving this ordeal in our employment?

We fear for our future; much more for the couples who are both employed here. Since the closure, which was unforeseen and unwarranted, suffering along with us, are our families. We have not seen ourselves losing our jobs this soon and in such an embarrassing manner. Our image and reputation as workers in Fontana have been tainted because that’s how it’s been projected these days- illegal, dirty and corrupt.

We have always been proud to be part of this industry that’s known for its good pay and broader opportunities. Each time a new casino opens in the big city, it’s like a bigger gate opens teeming with chances to better life for our families. Some take their chances, while others stay. Nevertheless, both are thankful that Fontana created them.

Please understand that we value our jobs because this is where we get the money to support our families. For so long, the company never deprived us of what’s due for us as its employees. Now maybe it’s time to repay its goodness by appealing to the good government to review our case as we stand firm on our ground that our operations are legit and in conformance to government standards.

Punish those who have sinned against the law, but please spare the innocent workers. We need our jobs back. We need to provide. Please help us survive.

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