Securing lives and properties

by Mike D. Maga, Jr.
Philippine Independent Public Sector Employees’ Association (PIPSEA)

Mang Felix (not his real name) is a native of Leyte.

He was one of the considered lucky who survived the super typhoon yolanda (International Name Haiyan) way back in November 8, 2013; wherein almost thousands of people were recorded perished.

In spite of the predicament, he did not lose hope; he managed to pick himself up, even if majority of his belongings were swept away by circumstances from a once peaceful and bountiful life.

Mang felix ventured the chaotic and uncertain life of metro manila.

In his quest to finding a living in Quezon City, he was chosen from the many applicants and there he landed a job in a construction site as a security guard.

Earning a daily income below the government’s prescribed minimum wage, he still managed to focus on the given task.

His main responsibility includes monitoring the periphery of the construction site especially the main entrance. He also ensures that the area will not be blocked by any vehicle (as you can see from the sign).

Despite mang felix’s monthly below average earning, he can still manage to squeeze it in and save a few bucks to provide for his relatives left in the province.

For mang felix, working more than 8 hours a day is not an easy task. As a security guard, they were required to be on duty for 12 hours. So to make the most of his time, he earns extra income by being a parking boy by nightfall.

Mang felix is not losing hope,”Pag na pagod na din ako at nakaipon na ng konti eh babalik din ako ng probinsya at duon makapag-umpisa uli kasama ng mga naiwan ko na mahal sa buhay pagkatapos ng Yolanda.” (when I get tired and have saved enough, I will consider going back to the province and start the kind of life I had before together with the loved ones I still have after Yolanda).  CPM

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