Yokohama union dismayed over management’s CBA counterproposals

Dismayed and disappointed!

This is how the union members from Alliance of Yokohama Employee’s Union (AYE) and Alliance of Yokohama Supervisors Union (AYS) perceived the counter proposal presented by Yokohama management during their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) last 9th and 10th of August.

“It’s been almost four (4) months since the negotiations started and yet there is no clear indication on finalizing the agreements,” said Atty. Arnel Z. Dolendo, national president of the Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PTGWO), in an interview with the Center for People’s Media (CPM).

Atty. Dolendo pointed out that denying the union’s proposals will affect not only the productivity of the union members but also that of the company. The longer the delay in negotiations, the longer it will take management to properly deliver services and products to its clients.

Atty. Dolendo asserted that Angelina C. Casasola and Juanito C. Arona, both top officials at Yokohama in charge of the negotiations, have generated a good deal of distress and anxiety for the employees and the union leaders. This distress became particularily evident after the political and economic provisions were denied by the management.

“Most of the proposals pertaining to the salaries and benefits of the employees are countered by the management with numbers lower than earnings from previous years,” Atty. Dolendo said.

Despite intransigence on the part of the management, union leaders and members are not losing hope and will continue to fight for the union membership.

“We will continue to pursue fair negotiations despite the challenges presented by the management. We are still expecting a fair and mutually beneficial agreement,” Atty. Dolendo explained.

AYE and AYS officers believe the management still thinks the union is a threat to the company’s profits and will hamper the daily operation.

“AYE and AYS unions were not formed to ruin the company’s business reputation. Unions are established to protect the welfare and interests of the workers so they have a fair share of the fruit. We are not here to close the company. Because if that happens, where will the almost two thousand employees will go?” Atty. Dolendo said.

There are still two conferences left in the CBA schedule before the union and the management weigh their options and decide either to settle the agreement or go back to a deadlock. CPM

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